Know The Attacker

Your current security solutions can identify what they see.
Illicium can identify what they don’t.

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Know The Attacker

Your current security solutions can identify what they see.
Illicium can identify what they don’t.

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When everything else fails deception wins.

Today’s information technology landscape is threatened by modern advanced security attacks, including 0-day exploits, polymorphic malware, APTs and targeted attacks. These threats cannot be identified and mitigated using classic detection and prevention technologies; they can mimic valid user activity, do not have a signature, and do not occur in patterns. In response to attackers’ evolution, defenders now have a new kind of weapon in their arsenal: Deception.

Current security solutions are inneficient

Common defensive security solutions, such as anti-malware, UTM, IDS/IPS, anti-spam, content filtering, Security Policies, even DLP and SIEM, are unable to detect advanced attacks or face unknown threats. At the same time they generate large amounts of false positives that consume time and direct administrators away from the actual danger. Attackers are now very careful in order to avoid getting caught, and by using modern attack methods they avoid being detected.

Deception can see what others don’t

Deception Technologies is a category of defensive methods that can detect, identify, analyze, and defend against unknown and advanced attacks. They allow immediate identification of the attack, have a high degree of accuracy and give the defender the ability to monitor the attack. By deceiving the attackers, they detect and manage the attack in its full development.

Your security systems can identify known threats, but illicium can identify everything else

Illicium is an innovative deception platform that enables organizations detect and identify sophisticated information security attacks. It has a unique architecture that integrates all modern deception techniques in one product, and a powerful interface that gives full power to the defender. By deploying a number of sophisticated baits throughout the organization, it deceives the attacker and makes him believe he is hacking the real assets, while at the same time his actions are fully monitored in an isolated environment. This way it allows you to identify and close the attack path in order to prevent future attacks.

Deploy sophisticated deception in 3 simple steps with


Install Illicium

Either in virtual or physical form, Illicium appliance installation is very simple. Once you have configured your user, you are ready to start building your deception environment.


Deploy Deception

Designing and implementing effective deception scenarios is as simple as following guided steps. Illicium documentation includes the Deception Deployment Guide which provides you with a complete methodology on creating effective deception scenarios. Complete the scenario form, deploy the scenario in Illicium and you are ready!


Catch the Attacker!

Once the deception scenarios have been deployed, Illicium waits for the attacker to fall in your traps. At the very moment a bait is triggered, you are in control. You can then isolate the attacker in the DeepMaze (an isolated network that looks like your own) and let him try to exploit fake systems while you take all the steps to mitigate the threat.

Select your offering

Basic Bundle

Includes the Illicium appliance (either in hardware, VM or cloud format), it’s user friendly documentation, installation support services, it’s license sized to your needs, and Maintenance and Support services.

Training and Consulting

Provided in our Standard services package, our integration engineers will design and implement the installation of Illicium in your environment, and train your personnel in administration and usage of Illicium.


Information security analysts specialized in Cyber Deception analyze your environment, designed customized deception scenarios and provide you with a complete plan of baits that need to be deployed in your infrastructure to protect your most critical assets from advanced attacks.


After a Deception Plan has been elaborated, our analysts will deploy the required baits in your Illicium installation, and configure and develop all required rules so that all baits provide you with sufficient attack information.


The security analysts in Neurosoft SOC can monitor your Illicium deployment 24x7x365. Contact Neurosoft for a detailed offer of Cyber Security Monitoring services according to your needs.

Tailored Services

Additional services can be provided according to your special needs. Contact us to get a presentation of our customized services.

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